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Welcome to LemonPoppySeeds.com

... Exhibits on the 1st and 15th Every Month!!!

Welcome to Lemon Poppy Seeds, where you'll find everything Perfectly Primitive, and Only Primitives, from Extreme Prim and Primitive Folk Art to Country Fried Primitives and More!

Lemon Poppy Seeds is an Exclusive gathering of very talented and creative Artisans and Crafters. We originally began our group presenting early Primitives, Extreme Primitive Crafts, Primitive Folk Art and Collectibles, and an awesome collection of primitive portraits, primitive furniture, antique Primitives and primitive reproductions as well! We have grown and expanded our horizons, presenting new sections for Primitive Patterns, Primitive Scent Shoppes, and Primitive Craft Supplies; but we didn't stop there LOL!

Our loyal Prim Fans asked for even More Prim, so we went back to the Primitive Drawing Board and are now happy to present specialized Primitive Shoppes for Halloween and Christmas as well! You just never know what we'll come up with next at Lemon Poppy Seeds, so stay tuned and please do visit us often!

Our Artisans' wares are updated with exciting NEW Primitives each Month on the 1st and the 15th of the month. We'll make the Announcement by Email to our Mailing List for each exciting update, and will also let you know about our Contest and monthly Poppy Petal Power Award Winner! If you would like to receive an email when our new items are posted, please be sure to Join Our Mailing List below.

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POPPY THEMES to look forward to in 2015!
July: Christmas in July
August: Decorate the Dorms and Doors
September: Halloween Halloween
October: Fall is in the Air
November: Turkeys and Santas
December: Ornaments and Toppers


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We have so many different kinds of Perfectly Primitive Poppy Shoppes to visit! We invite you to take a Primitive Journey through the Lemon Poppy Seeds Prim Shoppes, where you'll find a little something Primitive for Everyone!!


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