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Welcome To Kentucky Primitives.. Happy Happy Summer

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Two Early Christmas Reindeer Hangers

Two old early reindeer hangers with red santa hats, thresd stitich eyes and mouth with old vintage coverlet blanket over thier backs, painted on hoves and old wool plaid tails. They are made from a pattern by Pine Barry Lane and each one is 8 wide and so primitive

Price - $16.95

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More Autumn and Christmas Primitives on My Website

Stop by My Website for more Christmas and Autume Primitive Items. There is a link to my Website at the bottom of this page. You can find these under Finishes Dolls

Early Santa and Elmer, Clem the Olde Mule~Vintage Wagon Hay Ride, and~ Autumn Corn and Crow in Lighted Vintage Wooden Box.

Price - $0.00

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Olde Style Teensy Christmas Ladies

These Teensy Christmas Ladies are Soooo Adorable and so primitive, They are made in the old style. Eash is placed on a vintage bobbin, vintage fabric is around each base. Linen Flax hair, buttons eyes and stitch eyes. They have tiny wool hats with brims stitch to their heads. They are made from a Pineberry Lane pattern.They are 9 to 7 inches tall.

This is for Set 1 of the Teensy Witches Hanger. They would look so great on your Prim Halloween Tree.

Price - $12.50

New Item!

New Item!

Old Fashion Christmas Santa in Green Wool

So Prim Santa.Santa has stitch eyes and nose, He has sheep wool beard, sheep wool has been stitch around the bottomof robe and also around his hat. He has stick legs and a rusty bell hanging from his rope belt. He carries a small broom. He is made from a pattern by Pine Barry Lane and is 15 tall

Price - $19.95

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Old Days ~ Early Christmas Angle with Candle and bag of old Wool~ Peace on Earth

This early Christmas Angle is ragged stuffed, She is a Big gal, and has thread mouth and stitch eye. Linen flax hair. She holds a grungy candle that sit in a vintage thread bobbin with tiny pine wraped around it. He dress is made from cream and slate blue civil war print fabric. Hanging is her old sack full of out seed batting. The sack has the saying stitch on "Peace On Earth" She is made from an amazing pattern by Netty Lacroix. The old Christmas is 27 tall

Price - $23.95

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ORDER Mrs. Providence Oldacre - Huge Halloween Doll

Thank you so much for stopping by my Poppy Shoppe. Today I have a wonderful huge doll. She is 34 inches tall. She is one of the most beautiful pumpkin head dolls I have ever seen. She is a design by one of the greatest dollmakers, Pine Berry Lane. Mrs. Providence is rag stuffed and extremely heavy. She has a stitched nose, her lips have been stitched on, she has vintage buttons for eyes, and wispy linen flax hair. She wears a worn dress that is brown and cream checkered with two tiny pockets sewn on the side. Her olde pin keep pillow is filled with wood shavings that dangles from a vintage key that is tied around her neck. It has a poem embroidered on it.

The poem embroidered on the pincushion says You need not be afraid of me, I'm just a grown up pumpkin seed. You will love this doll. She is truely amazing, and did I say huge! NOTE - This doll is extremely heavy and large.

ORDER Mrs. Providence Oldacre, FROM My Website, UNDER Finished DOLLS.There is a link at the bottom of this page to my Website.

Price - $65.50

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Mrs. Abby Hender --- Halloween Kitty

Abby Hender is all dressed up for Halloween with her wool witch hat. Her dress is heavy Autumn colored wool with a tattered apron that has a pocket stitch on and sweetie annie tucked inside.She has a moon necklace dangling from her neck She is ragged stuff with stitch nose, French knots eyes , and tiny red lips stitched on. Abby was made from a great pattern by Pineberry Lane. Abby is approximately 24 inche tall.

Price - $26.50

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Me Rupert ~ Early Christmas Snowman

Mr Rupert is ragged stuffed with stitch on eyes and mouth,a corrot nose and stick arms and legs. he is 12 tall

Price - $00.00

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Spider on my Shoulder ~ Halloween Witch

This is a wonderful Olde Time Witch with her spider friend sitting on her shoulder.The spider legs have been stitched on. She is so primitive, mostly rag stuffed.Her nose. eyes and lips are thread stitched. Her hair is sheep wool. She wears a gauze apron, homespun scarf. She carries a pumpkin with a farmers hat and a old broom. She is made from a pattern by Pat Beam and is 25 tall.

Price - $29.95

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